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[SUCCESS STORY] A member of Belgian Chamber of Commerce in Morocco found new leads among BECI members

A member of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco posted an opportunity on be.connected.  A member wanted to organize a cultural event in France and Belgium in order to attract investors to Morocco and Africa. After posting an opportunity, a company found new leads among BECI member with the help of BECI moderator.

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[SUCCESS STORY] A company from the UK found a distributor in France

A member of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce was looking for distributors of gluten-free and organic products on the territory of France, Spain, Germany. The Franco-British Chamber was able to connect a British company looking for distribution services with one of its members in France.

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Our platform designed for business success has reached 11,000+ member companies

COBCOE Connects and be.connected have reached 11000+ member companies within two months. Now it’s even easier to do #BusinessWithoutBarriers. The platforms have been designed for business success. Once you sign up, 11,000+ Members from 26 chambers of commerce in over 20 different countries are ready to connect with you. Your moderator is there to help you connect […]

[SUCCESS STORY] COBCOE Connects unites British Chambers of Commerce

The British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland (B3CF) aligns its work every year to promote business from and to Finland and the 53 Commonwealth countries. This year B3CF is following the theme of ‘A Connected Commonwealth’ with a specific focus for 2019 on Africa. B3CF believes the right connections make for a successful […]

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[SUCCESS STORY] Connecting East African and West African companies on our platform

EDTEX Limited, a fabrics manufacturer from Ghana and KARSSH COLLECTIONS from Rwanda met via COBCOE Connects and Be.Connected The story started when Edwina the Representative of EDTEX limited posted an opportunity looking for customers and resellers of her fabrics. Her opportunity was seen by Emile Niyonzima, a member of Voka Flanders on the platform. Emile […]

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[SUCCESS STORY] A Dutch SME found French distributors for the in-house developed modular vacuum table and accessories.

Maartje Jansen NKVK posted an opportunity about Dutch SME that was looking for German, French and Belgian distributors and agents for the in-house developed modular vacuum table and accessories. This opportunity caught the attention of a Franco British Chamber of Commerce member who was interested.

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[SUCCESS STORY] A French Company found tourism company among Dundee and Angus Chamber of commerce members

Franco British Chamber of Commerce posted a tourism opportunity looking for a company to organize a large group trip to London. They received responses from Sandra Moyo, BECI in Belgium and Amy Anderson DP&L Travel Management, member of Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce.  

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[SUCCESS STORY] UK company found contacts in Italy

Franco British Chamber of Commerce posted an opportunity about a UK company looking for help with Amazon approval in Spain and Italy. Franco British Chamber of Commerce moderator Edwin Kropman messaged the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy moderator, Aaron Pugliesi, who gave him a contact in Italy.

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[SUCCESS STORY] Freelance translator found new contact with the help of the Franco British Chamber of Commerce

Franco British Chamber of Commerce was contacted by a freelance translator member of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce who was looking to provide her services to small Scottish companies to help them to develop their business with French companies and tourists. FBCC put her in contact with Scottish Development International in France.

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[SUCCESS STORY] Lithuanian insurance company found leads in Bulgaria

A Lithuanian insurance company was looking for leads in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian British Business Association found appropriate contacts among their members – a simple and effective solution!  

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